On the left you will find some links to projects I have worked on during various stages in my life, starting at my undergrad years. I will try to keep it updated with info and code for any who are interested.

You will quickly notice that most of my interest is in Image Processing and Computer Vision, in particualr visual tracking. I don't know if I chose this path or if I was pigeon-holed there but all my undergraduate courses and even my undergraduate program itself lend themselves nicely to broadening and strengthening my knowledge of computer vision.

I encountered computer vision or more precisely image processing on my 2nd year work term, well before I had any formal education on the topic. During my 2nd work term I implemented and evaluated various Digital Watermarking algorithms. Digital Watermarking is the process of embedding a watermark inside an image such that the image does not appear altered to the human viewer.

I think in some ways working on this project before any formal education on signal processing allowed me to form a high level picture of how image processing works. During this project I didn't worry too much about the mathematics behind these algorithms. I was more interested in figuring out the differences in the algorithms and which algorithm was the best one. I used Matlab's image processing library to implement the algorithm so I didn't have to worry about implementing the details like the cosine transform or wavelet transform.

Overall this project really sparked my interest in image processing. It also allowed me a glimpse into what academic research is all about. I learned how to read, implement and evaluate scientific publications. I also learned that emailing the authors of the publications can prove to be invaluable in obtaining information on their papers.

Essentially this was the start of an ever expanding list of computer vision (image processing) projects that I have been involved in.